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Most of us are looking to pursue something we enjoy involving tempting challenges helping us get places in the industry of our interest. Ever thought of putting your language acumen to action and earning a fortune? Probably yes. You even flipped through your daily to know if there are opportunities to demonstrate the vigour of your passion for languages. What happened next? Soon enough you were pulled to pieces when your parents questioned the viability of a job that solely functions on how well you could play with words. Does it ring a bell when we know what makes the bigger picture? Then we have found each other. All of us have held our Wren and Martins close to our lap. We have filled our English exam sheets with essays that afforded a unique storyline to our professors. But some of us still feel that we got much more to do with our repository of English knowledge. For the ones looking to journey into the wild of English, we give you a lowdown on what makes an enduring career and introduce you to those who made it big!


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