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  1. Translator


Working with multiple languages opens up alternatives to be a travel guide translator, legal translator, literary translator, or a tri-lingual translator serving different requirements. In an interview with translator Mary Maloof-Fleck, she reveals her best professional challenge, “I can’t say that I’ve had any overarching professional challenges since I started, just a lot of little ones every day. No two documents are alike, so every single one that comes across my desk presents a new little puzzle to unlock, and presents at least one new thing for me to learn. In this profession, I’m always challenged, I’m always learning, and I’m never bored.”


  1. Editor/Copyeditor


The writing and publishing industry thrives on the expertise of an editor to render a complete, focused meaning of the works in different mediums of publishing addressing different concerns. One can foray into copyediting who primarily looks for grammar, punctuation, spelling, fact-checking, and word choice. A newspaper/ magazine house has several levels of editing endeavours involving an editor-in-chief to oversee the overall content’s relevance and consistency. Every editor’s journey is peculiar to his experiences. What defines success for one won’t fit another’s shoe to walk the long road of getting to the top!


  1. English Language Trainer

Individuals with a flair for language that shapes the abilities of those looking to improve their skills are inevitably in spiralling demand. Whether there are teachers needing a refresher to polish their existing level of proficiency or a Global MBA aspirant aiming to crack the Ivy League essay, an English Language Trainer ensures their goals are met with.

  1. Copywriters


Copywriters are crucial to a company’s online personality. There are numerous domains under which copywriting prevails. B2B writing, ad copywriting, Grants Writing, Product Review writing among many others includes some of the most prominent forms. With a sense of appropriate word proportion in a copy vis-à-vis clarity, a copywriter is the key to building the right brand image of a business. Copywriters come up with 100 distinct ideas. To sort through the best, they are continually challenged to pick one. It is a career that keeps you on your toes each moment!


  1. Content Writers


Writing is vast in its niches that provide specialized content for different audiences. For those ambitious towards their writing pursuits, there is a promising future assured by this field. Web content writers, creative content writers, technical content writers constitute the frontrunners of this field. The written word stays etched in a readers’ mind. A content writer digs out insights from a diversity of subjects to deliver the best read!

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