Pehlay Akshar- Vision

English is the enabler for the 21st century workplace, it is the bridge for Indian citizens to participate in the entire digital world and be integrated into the global workforce. Presently the biggest employers are Information Technology, Retail, Call Centers all of which require English speaking individuals. Hence there is a huge need among parents who are interested in teaching English to their Children.

Moreover, English is not taught or poorly taught in government schools, even though it is widespread in usage and mandatory for all schools, as a second language.

Traditionally the Indian schooling pattern has been one that assesses knowledge and memory with little or no learner centric strategies that develop critical thinking and application capabilities. The schools emphasizes on rote learning and disseminates knowledge with little or no scope for practical application. Schools do not promote innovative and creative thinking neither focuses in imparting skills/ knowledge pertinent to the current market demand. The system of education in Indian state run schools as well as national board schools has shown little change in the last couple of decades while the workplace has evolved dynamically to create a demand for entrepreneurial and application oriented professionals. The emerging workforce needs to be schooled differently to meet this demand.

Pehlay Akshar's unique program creates in young adults with robust thinking skills and functional English abilities to meet the emerging challenges of the 21st Century workplace.

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