Pehlay Akshar- Vision

Embracing cutting edge practices in education across the world, the Pehlay Akshar program integrates the inquiry, application, analysis and creation based approach which is germane to international curricula with specific skill and theme based learning outcomes drawn from the Indian National Curriculum Framework to equip the learner better for life at school and further on to meet dynamic workplace challenges.

The Pehlay Akshar teaching-learning process is steeped in the idea of play and learn techniques. The Pehlay Akshar classroom employs interactive strategies – activities and games, flash cards, point and read techniques and creative expression which sees fun and learning as two sides of the same coin. Pehlay Akshar is committed to contemporizing learning to effectively engage the 21st century learner and job seeker.

Pehaly Akshar's Vision statement translates into a strategy straddling six levels (i.e Level 1 to Level 6). Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Pehlay Akshar program focus on creating the 'Active Learner' with an 'Inquiry Structure' for subject matter focus and a 'Skill Area' focus on basic English. While all the six levels of the program focus on cultivating each of these learner facets, the first three levels lay a strong foundation for active learning and inquiry structure with basic skill area focus, the next three levels focus rigorously on skill area development, even as they carry forward the active learner strategies.

All our teachers are recruited by us and are on our payroll. They go through a rigorous recruitment process that ensures they are competent in English language and are extremely passionate about teaching children. Further they undergo a series of trainings on strategies of implementing our ideology and management of children, which include basic skills like good story reading skills and strategies on making the classroom more interactive, to more advanced trainings on understanding a child’s psychology and developing a program that is truly holistic.

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