Pehlay Akshar- Vision
Strands level 4 level 5 level 6
Comprehension and Participation 4.1.1 Grasp the essential elements of clear simple messages and recorded announcements (on the telephone, railway station etc) Follow a series of instructions to complete a given task. E.g.automated messages on phones for customer care Listen to a commentary, interview,narration or news item and answer questions based on it
4.1.2 Listen to a simple radio/TV jingle/ad for specific information. E.g. what product is the ad about? What is the offer? Listen to simple radio jingles TV ads and get its gist. Listen to a conversation or announcement and understand it's implication. E.g. simulated conversations in different social contexts - who were the speakers?/ what might he do next?/ why was he angry etc.
4.1.3 Understand and respond to words and stock phrases relating to areas of immediate relevance and personal interest. E.g. daily life, neighbourhood, hobbies, Identify the topic of conversation when people around speak slowly and clearly Catch the main elements of radio news bulletins and recorded audio material on familiar topics. E.g. a radio talk show/interview Watch a short audio-visual (clipping/TV ad/weather forecast etc) and answer questions based on it
4.1.4 Identify topics of current interest in Sport, Political, Economic or Cultural spheres and hold conversations and debates on the same Follow a complex line of argument if the topic is familiar and of interest e.g. TV debates Simulate current conversation and debate formats as seen on TV or heard on Radio in the classroom across a variety of topics
4.1.5 Listen to a story read aloud and identify key story elements like characters, setting, plot etc Listen to stories and audio passages and analyse the speaker's purpose - Information, Instruction, Entertainment, etc. Can listen to an audio script/clip and gauge the attitude or tone (serious, flippant, sad etc) and its implications to the conversation
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