Pehlay Akshar- Vision
LEVELS Segment One Segment Two Segment Three
1 Follow rules set for classroom interaction (take turns, raise hand to make a point, listen to others) Associate spoken word with written word. Use a finger to track and follow print when reading Frame and speak simple sentences to answer questions asked (4-5 words) following the basic rules of syntax(SVO)
Respond to direct requests, questions and classroom instructions Recall facts from a story and present it in a complete sentence Write on lined paper from left to right, staying within the lines and leave spaces where necessary
2 Make speech coherent paying attention to clarity and the pace at which one speaks Demonstrate an understanding of functions of punctuations (full stop, exclamation and question mark) Predict what or who the story is going to be about with pictoral clues (pre-reading)
Use simple, basic words, mainly nouns, related to self and world around Converse (with teacher support) with peers/teachers to give information that is asked Use prepositions (in, on, under, over) correctly in sentences
3 Listen and repeat simple rhymes and songs Repeat and imitate intonation as modelled by the teacher Use visualization to understand a scene/character/setting (while/after reading)
Understand the role and function of verbs and use them appropriately to express themselves Recall facts related to the text read Pronounce words correctly though L1 accent may continue to be more pronounced
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