Pehlay Akshar- Vision

Pehaly Akshar has six levels (i.e Level 1 to Level 6). Each level consists 8 thematic areas, each theme consists of 4 sessions and there are in total 32 sessions for 1 academic year. Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Pehlay Akshar program focus on creating the 'Active Learner' with an 'Inquiry Structure' for subject matter focus and a 'Skill Area' focus on basic English. While all the six levels of the program focus on cultivating each of these learner facets, the first three levels lay a strong foundation for active learning and inquiry structure with basic skill area focus, the next three levels focus rigorously on skill area development, even as they carry forward the active learner strategies.

Based on feedback received from school teachers and principals we have introduced extra sessions which covers the State English curriculum using the Pehlay Akshar Pedagogy.

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