Pehlay Akshar- Vision
THEME Level One Level Two Level Three
NATURE / ENVIRONMENT Awareness about immediate surroundings from lived experiences across various themes (Family, Friends, Plants, Animals, Food, Water, Shelter, Travel etc.) Awareness of the distinction between natural and social environment from lived experiences across various themes Appreciate the variations (diversity) in Natural (Plants in different countries) and Social Environments (tribal life in various places, community eating etc.) and respect them
SCIENCE Understand what Science is, and what its scope of study. Appreciate the types of sciences; explore the connection between Science and our lives Explore the relationship between Science and the Human body; appreciate the role of the sense organs and functional organs; distinguish between basic characteristics of creatures with different bodies (Wings, trunks, etc) Understand technology as an application of scientific discovery; develop awareness that objects around us are made and were once invented; and how they use science to function
FOOD AND AGRICULTURE Awareness of basic processes that bring food from field to table; Appreciation of cultural diversity in food Basic understanding of about various plants used as food; food from animals. Awareness of the importance of Food, its effects on the body Appreciate the role of Climate in the availability of Food, the diversity in climate and food; Awareness that food may be eaten raw, boiled, steamed, cooked, etc.
HISTORY OF THE WORLD Introduction to History through ancient cultures; awareness of the continuity of Historical development by tracing the origin of present day conditions (e.g. when were cars first made) Discover and analyse markers of History - stories and accounts, monuments and artifacts Introduction to significant historical developments and important historical personalities
STATES OF INDIA Awareness of the distribution of states across the North-South-East-West axis of India Awareness of the division of states along linguistic and cultural lines, introduction to cultures of different states Understanding the historical and cultural uniqueness across different states, awareness of the concept of 'Unity in Diversity'
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