Pehlay Akshar- Vision
Strands level 4 level 5 level 6
Purpose and Text Type Write to give information and details. E.g. personal response questions Write imaginary narrative stories using sentence starters or picture prompts Write to express opinion/concern and/or present an argument in short paragraphs
Fill in forms/questionnaires to give simple personal details (name, age, address) Create a simple curriculum vitae giving essential personal information Write for an unknown audience. E.g. formal letter, news article,review
Write a greeting card/short text message using set phrases, Write short messages and notes (saying someone called, explaining absence, arranging to meet someone); simple informal letter (inviting/declining an invite, thanking someone etc) Write short biographies/monologues; simple descriptions of past events/ experiences Write personal informal letters (expressing feelings,recounting experiences) and formal letters (applying for a job, enquiry, leave of absence etc)
Presentation 4.2.1 Use basic punctuations in sentences (period, comma, question mark, capital letters) Use punctuations in sentences(quotes for dialogues and apostrophe) Use all punctuations sentences with few or no reminders
Demonstrate understanding of how ideas are organized across paragraphs using short essays and news articles Construct short passages using illustrative visuals and graphics where necessary Apply use of text and visuals to a variety of written platforms, eg. Posters, News Articles (Layout + Headlines + Captions), Graphical presentations (e.g. Tables)
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