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Mentoring is rewarding and provides a great opportunity for mentees as well as mentors. With the aim of creating future ready children, the PaperBoat Project was initiated to give exposure of the real world to our students. This project invites professionals and students from different fields to mentor the students. The project brings experts and students on a common platform to share ideas.

Mentors invite students to their offices to acquaint them with professional working spaces. They give exposure to children to the corporate world and introduce them to the plethora of opportunities available to them!

Who are our mentors?


Individuals who wish to discover and channel talents of young children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds are our Mentors!


Our mentors are professionals and students who love to connect with students and shape their worldview positively by interacting with them.


A mentor typically commits 1 hour per month for a year to conduct activities and share experiences of the outside world!

  • Dipti Abhyankar

    The more we give, the happier we feel. I have experienced this with my volunteering experience for Pehlay Akshar. Getting to see someone happy because of you gives you a happy high. Volunteer not because they need you, but because it will make you a better version of yourself!

    Dipti Abhyankar
    KEC, Worli HO
  • Dileep Mathew

    I’m happy to be a part of the Pehlay Akshar program. It’s a great opportunity offered by Ceat to serve society. It is a great feeling to be back in school, to teach the kids and spend time with them. I hope more people should come in as volunteers and I'm sure it makes a difference.

    Dileep Mathew
    CEAT, Halol.
  • Dattatray Londhe

    I feel happy while sharing knowledge with the students of our Pehlay Akshar program. The children are bright and it’s always a delight to interact with them. I feel blessed. It’s not just the students who learn but I too learn from them. I would highly recommend all employees to volunteer as then they will understand the benefits of volunteering.

    Dattatray Londhe
    CEAT, Bhandup
  • Gireesh Menon

    I am very happy to have been a part of this program. I thank the Paper Boat project team from the bottom of heart for making me a part of this activity all these years. This noble act by Paper Boat is indeed a praise-worthy one. Its value will be felt well into the future, as each kid we have mentored leaves an imprint in the history of CSR in RPG.

    Gireesh Menon
  • Jahnavi Mukundan

    Sitting and talking to someone who posed such interesting questions on her experiences, made me reflect a lot. I hope I made a lasting impact on her, as she has on me. The most interesting aspect of this was not that she was a mentee and I a mentor, but the fact that she was also a mentor in her own way, and I the mentee.

    Jahnavi Mukundan
  • Vaishali Kasare

    My name is Vaishali Kasare. I teach science to Grade 9 and 10 students in the secondary section of Worli Seaface Municipal School. Last year, we were trained in the Teacher Training program of Pehlay Akshar. The Magic Classroom idea of Pehlay Akshar is built on 3 pillars: Appreciation, Engagement and Motivation. We were taught to instil these three important aspects in our students through activities, in which we were all involved. This taught us how to execute these concepts in real life. I would like to thank Pehlay Akshar for conducting the program with us.

    Vaishali Kasare
  • Deepa Yashwant Surve

    My name is Deepa Yashwant Surve. I teach at Worli Seaface Secondary English School. I used to find it difficult to teach many students together – as they are teenagers and their level of understanding varies from each other at this stage. Last year, I enrolled in RPG’s training program for teachers. We were taught that teachers need to change their teaching method; we learnt how to appreciate children and motivate them. Now there’s uniformity among the kids in class. Now, it is fun teaching and even the kids like to learn. Those who were not interested in studies, now enjoy studying every subject. All this has happened because of RPG’s Pehlay Akshar Teacher Training program.

    Deepa Yashwant Surve
  • Trivika

    Hi, my name is Trivika. I am going to Std. 9. I had gone to meet my relatives in my hometown, Benaras. I really enjoyed meeting them and spending time with them. The next day, my father and relatives were talking about my studies. My father called me and asked me what I want to become when I grow up. I replied in English that I hadn’t decided. My relatives were astonished that I could express myself so well in English, and my grandmother wanted to know where I had learnt to speak. I told them that I had learnt English from my Pehlay Akshar Didi, who teaches us, talks to us and tells us stories in English.

  • Siddhi Kadam

    I am Siddhi Kadam. I had once gone with my mother to her workplace. Everyone there spoke among themselves in English, but they spoke to me in Hindi. They thought I didn’t know how to speak English. But when they asked me questions in Hindi, I surprised them by answering in English. I was very happy to explain to them that I had been learning English from my Pehlay Akshar teacher since Std. 4. Now I’m going to Std. 8 and I will keep learning.

    Siddhi Kadam

Sounds interesting? Join Us

We have often found that our volunteers not only impart information to students but also leave with a changed perspective.

If you wish to create a new pathway for a child, write to us at

Volunteering FAQ’s

1Who can volunteer?
Any motivated individual who wants to help create a happy childhood for less-privileged children and be a positive role model for them. Do volunteer if you want to create a safe space for children to grow, and to equip them with the essential skills that will make them employable when they graduate.
2How old do I need to be?
Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.
3In which locations can I volunteer?
Currently we operate in Worli, Bhandup, Vasai and Halol.
4How much time will I have to commit?
A minimum of one hour each month for a period of 6-12 months.
5What are the options open to me as a volunteer?
  • Depends on your skills. So, you can opt to take workshops or sessions for Pehlay Akshar students and help them learn skills like photography, public speaking, personal hygiene etc.
  • You can help children between 10 and 15 years develop foundational skills like functional English, numeracy, self-confidence and communication.
6Will I get a certificate?
When you complete 20 hours of volunteering, you will be awarded a certificate of appreciation.

Let’s Collaborate!

We would love to hear your ideas to partner for creating a better future for our children. We welcome organisations and professionals from diverse streams to share their experiences, collaborate and support our larger goal.

Write to us at and we will be happy to get connected with you!

Volunteer With Us

Each one has the power to bring about a difference or give back to society in some way. In the past we have received great support from energetic and passionate volunteers. If this interests you, please do write to us at and we would be happy to connect with you.

Read More about our volunteering initiatives.

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Work with Us / Join our Team

We’re driven by the idea that best work results from collaboration, agility and the safe spaces around us. This holds true for our team members, stakeholders who help run this organization, and most importantly our beneficiaries. Thus, ensuring collaboration in its entirety.

With a focus on achieving the mission, the organization ensures that everyone contributes to the processes.The organization understands the importance of a safe space for everyone to explore their interests. A space that espouses all your qualities and keeps pushing you forward to grow.

The team that is dedicated to realizing its vision brings agility to the organization.

Hence, at Pehlay Akshar Foundation, we don’t have employees but ‘Team Members’ who think creatively and differently, yet work together towards a common goal!

We are fuelled by passion and enthusiasm and the same reflects in our work and our stories!

If you are driven by the same passion to transform your thoughts into ideas and make a change that shapes young minds, we would love to hear from you!

Who can join our team?

  • People who are passionate about working in the Education sector
  • We welcome graduates from any streams
  • We look for great English and communication skills
  • Good command over Hindi is a bonus
  • We invite open, creative and enthusiastic minds
  • Experienced and freshers all are welcome!

If your thoughts resonate with us, we are happy to hear from you. Please email your resume with a short note about yourself to and we will get in touch with you!

How Is My Money Used?

Out of every rupee that is donated to Pehlay Akshar, 90 paise goes towards direct and in-driect program expenses like program team salary, content development, teacher training etc. and 10 paise goes towards the operational expenses Pehlay Akshar. This includes the cost of Finance, Communications, Strategy and HR, and other such functions, necessary to support the organization.

Pehlay Akshar is committed to and practices good governance. It is accountable and transparent to all its stakeholders.


Questions? Let us help you

Donation FAQs

1How long will it take for me to receive my tax exemption certificate/receipt for my donation?
Pehlay Akshar will send a Section 80G Income Tax Exemption receipt of your donation to the address you mentioned in the donation form or to the email address you provide within 4 weeks. [for Indian citizens only]
2How can I donate to Pehaly Akshar Foundation?
Donations can be made both online and offline. You can donate online by credit card/debit card/net banking using our secure donation page. You can donate offline by making a cheque in the name of ‘Pehlay Akshar Foundation” along with a cover letter stating your full name, address, PAN and the purpose of your donation ( eg. Towards Teaching students, Training teachers) and mailing to the following address:

Pehlay Akshar, RPG Foundation, RPG House, 463, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 030
3Will I get Tax exemptions on my donations?
Yes, Pehlay Akshar (registered as Pehlay Akshar Foundation) has a certificate for Tax Exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. All donations to Pehlay Akshar are 50% exempt from tax under Section 80G. The tax exemption 80G is applicable only for donations made by Indian citizens / entities eligible for this exemption.
4Can foreign citizens donate ?
Sorry, we currently can not accept foregin funds.
5What portion of the donation amount is deducted as transaction fees?
The payment gateway charge is about _______ and is deducted by ______
6What will my donation be used for?
Your donation will be used towards teaching the students, training the teachers, the projects in the innovation cell and/or the operation costs to fuel these programs in any of the project locations. On an average Pehlay Akshar spends 10 % of funds raised on administration and the remainder on programmatic expenditure.
7Will I receive a fund utilization report for my donation?
All online donors receive a monthly newsletter update from Pehlay Akshar. Since the donations are pooled together and used for the entire program as a whole, online donors do not receive a fund utilisation report.
8If I am a donor, can I visit a Pehlay Akshar classroom?
You are welcome to visit a Pehlay Akshar classroom even if you are not a donor. However school visits require prior permissions to be taken by our Fellows. Please allow time to schedule a visit. You can write to with your request.
9How do I contact Pehlay Akshar regarding my donation?
For more details or any further assistance please email us at

You can also contact us at our Mumbai office:

Pehlay Akshar Attn: Partnership Team

Pehlay Akshar, RPG Foundation, RPG House, 463, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 030
10If I have an urgent request or a problem related to my donation, is there a phone number where I can reach a member of the donor services team?
Yes, please contact at: +_________ and ask for someone from the partnerships team.
11If as a corporate, foundation or individual I wish to partner with Pehlay Akshar and contribute more, whom should I contact?
Pehlay Akshar partners with individuals, foundations and corporations. To discuss how we can partner with you or your organization, please write to us at

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For more information, email us at: