Pehlay Akshar Training

The Problem

Students, despite being enrolled in schools, aren’t learning. Teachers often struggle, and are unable to help students learn and build their curiosity and critical thinking abilities for higher order thinking, reasoning and communication. The quality and extent of a student’s achievement is determined primarily by their teacher’s competence, sensitivity and motivation, as stated in the National Curriculum Framework, 2005.

With limited access to quality training, teachers often lack skills to teach effectively and have limited subject matter knowledge.

Our Model

Our Training Program helps Government School teachers build themselves, improves their teaching practices and strengthens their subject matter knowledge, which enables them to drive better learning outcomes in their classrooms.

Our Outcomes


Improved teacher confidence


Enhanced desire to learn


Increase in subject matter knowledge


Strengthened in-classroom practices

Our Interventions

A sneak peak into our training program

Since 2016, we have trained teachers in 4 states, across urban, semi-urban and rural geographies

  • Urban - We partner with local governments like Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Jaipur Municipal Corporation etc. Our training program is aimed at improving English language teaching skills and thus improve English learning outcomes in children. Digital plays an important role in imparting these trainings
  • Semi-Urban – In cities like Nashik, Vasai, Jabalpur our focus is on the Magic classroom ideology, breaking mental blocks and building teacher’s confidence.
  • Rural - In rural areas like Halol in Gujarat we not only offer training but also improve infrastructure.
  • Pehlay Akshar App - As our unique self-help group model builds capacity in Government schools, we similarly use Pehlay Akshar App to support our teachers digitally. The app delivers relevant content and provide teaching aids, lesson plans, worksheets and activity idea bank.


Teachers Trained


Training Sessions Conducted


Saathi Sessions


Active teachers on App

Impact Assessment

Between November'19 and March’20, Sattva, an independent consultant conducted an assessment of our Training Program

From our Teacher’s Desk

  • Vaishali Kasare

    My name is Vaishali Kasare. I teach science to Grade 9 and 10 students in the secondary section of Worli Seaface Municipal School. Last year, we were trained in the Teacher Training program of Pehlay Akshar. The Magic Classroom idea of Pehlay Akshar is built on 3 pillars: Appreciation, Engagement and Motivation. We were taught to instil these three important aspects in our students through activities, in which we were all involved. This taught us how to execute these concepts in real life. I would like to thank Pehlay Akshar for conducting the program with us.

    Vaishali Kasare
  • Deepa Yashwant Surve

    My name is Deepa Yashwant Surve. I teach at Worli Seaface Secondary English School. I used to find it difficult to teach many students together – as they are teenagers and their level of understanding varies from each other at this stage. Last year, I enrolled in RPG’s training program for teachers. We were taught that teachers need to change their teaching method; we learnt how to appreciate children and motivate them. Now there’s uniformity among the kids in class. Now, it is fun teaching and even the kids like to learn. Those who were not interested in studies, now enjoy studying every subject. All this has happened because of RPG’s Pehlay Akshar Teacher Training program.

    Deepa Yashwant Surve