The Problem


students from the ages of 10-14 cannot read or write simple English*

Despite India having one of the largest education system in the world with 90% enrollment rate, the quality of education remains a major challenge.
*ASER 2022

About Us

Pehlay Akshar Foundation was started in 2008 with the core belief that every student has the right to an excellent education and gain the skills needed to be future-ready.

We work with the philosophy of “empowering every child with English Literacy and developing a Learning Mindset.”

90% of the content on the internet is in English. Knowing English makes it easier to acquire 21st Century skills and opens doors to better career opportunities.

To address this need, we enable students and teachers across India with ‘Functional English’. We partner with the State Governments to implement our well researched programs and change the way students learn, and teachers teach in schools.

Our Approach

"Empower every child with English Literacy and develop a Learning Mindset."

In-School Programs

Changing the way students learn in classrooms

In an increasingly competitive world, our students need a common language to communicate and 21st-century skills to thrive and grow. English is a common link to both. Therefore, the ability to speak, understand, and read in English is imperative.
At Pehlay Akshar, we work directly with students from Government schools to address this need. We create the right learning environment to teach Functional English and thereby equip them with 21st-century skills. Our approach incorporates diverse learning philosophies, promotes creative thinking and socio-emotional skills. Our initiatives are aligned with the National Education Policy 2020.

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Teacher Training

Changing the way teachers teach and grow

We work with Government school teachers and equip them with skills, knowledge and tools to create the right learning environment in their classrooms. Our training programs, based on the 3 principles of appreciation, motivation and engagement are applicable across subjects and place emphasis on peer learning.

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Our Programs

In Class Teaching

A 6-year teaching program in partnership with Government Schools to teach English and create safe learning spaces in classrooms across India.

Magic Classroom on Television

In partnership with SCERT Maharashtra, our ‘English’ classroom is televised across Maharashtra on DD Sahyadri. These video-based classrooms are based on our unique teaching approach and are aligned with the state’s Bal Bharti textbooks.

A Story A Day

A bank of simple, fun and engaging English stories in video format, for children between the ages of 5-13 years. These stories are recorded by volunteers and available on social media platforms.

Teacher Training

Working with teachers in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) schools across all 24 wards of Mumbai, to help them build their confidence, and improve and strengthen their teaching practices and English language skills.

English Room

A collaborative space that provides students & teachers with functional english curriculum, digital aids, books and skilled personnel for improving their english literacy & 21st century skills.

Our Impact


Impact Assessment

BMC-Pehlay Akshar Teacher Development Program

Sattva assessed 1000 Teachers and 600 students after 3 year of Interventions in year 2021

BMC-Pehlay Akshar English Room Program

DevInsights assessed 650 students after 1 year of Intervention post pandemic in 2023

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