Explore Ways to Volunteer With Us

Each one has the power to bring about a difference or give back to society in some way. Volunteering offers you a chance to give something back to your community and provides an opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, and meet like-minded people.

We have received great support from energetic and passionate volunteers, and we’re always looking for more volunteers to join our work.

A Story A Day

PaperBoat Mentorship Project

A Story A Day

Since April 2020, at the on-set of the Nationwide lockdown, #AStoryADay has continued to grow and gained momentum each day.

To know more, and to partner with us, please email us at astoryaday@pehlayakshar.org

Be a part of A Story A Day in 3 easy steps

Your single story will spread smiles and help a child keep learning in a fun and interactive way. You can participate in this initiative in just 3 simple steps :

Celebrities narrating stories

Sonakshi Sinha

Sunil Gavaskar

Reading from our personal collection


Inspire your children


Become A Mentor

We’re looking to connect our students with strong role-models, who act as their mentors, and help them gain new life skills and provide exposure to a different world for these students. Mentoring is a very rewarding process and provides a great opportunity for both the mentee and their mentors.

To become a mentor, please share your details with us via this form

  • Dipti Abhyankar

    The more we give, the happier we feel. I have experienced this with my volunteering experience for Pehlay Akshar. Getting to see someone happy because of you gives you a happy high. Volunteer not because they need you, but because it will make you a better version of yourself!

    Dipti Abhyankar
    KEC, Worli HO
  • Dileep Mathew

    I’m happy to be a part of the Pehlay Akshar program. It’s a great opportunity offered by Ceat to serve society. It is a great feeling to be back in school, to teach the kids and spend time with them. I hope more people should come in as volunteers and I'm sure it makes a difference.

    Dileep Mathew
    CEAT, Halol.
  • Dattatray Londhe

    I feel happy while sharing knowledge with the students of our Pehlay Akshar program. The children are bright and it’s always a delight to interact with them. I feel blessed. It’s not just the students who learn but I too learn from them. I would highly recommend all employees to volunteer as then they will understand the benefits of volunteering.

    Dattatray Londhe
    CEAT, Bhandup

Volunteering FAQ’s

1Who can volunteer?
Any motivated individual who wants to help create a happy childhood for less-privileged children and be a positive role model for them. Do volunteer if you want to create a safe space for children to grow, and to equip them with the essential skills that will make them employable when they graduate.
2How old do I need to be?
Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.
3In which locations can I volunteer?
As our 'A Story A Day' is a digital initiative, you can volunteer from anywhere in the world. For other initiative we are currently active in Mumbai.
4How much time will I have to commit?
A minimum of one hour each month for a period of 6-12 months.
5What are the options open to me as a volunteer?
  • You can participate in our 'A Story A Day' initiative from anywhere by simply reading a story book and send us the video recording.
  • You can help children between 10 and 15 years develop foundational skills like functional English, self-confidence and communication.
6Will I get a certificate?
When you complete 20 hours of volunteering, you will be awarded a certificate of appreciation.