Our Journey


Finding our Feet

The “Schooling Program”, our 1st program, is conceptualised on the back of this success and Government school partnerships are initiated. The in-house curriculum incorporates international best practices, diverse approaches, and methodologies.

New Geographies

The program demonstrates strong results in classrooms and is delivered by highly trained Pehlay Akshar team members. We expand our presence to 5 BMC schools in Worli, and an additional 7 locations outside of Mumbai.

Expanding to State Curriculum

Government school authorities approach Pehlay Akshar to incorporate the State curriculum into our classes. The Schooling program is further strengthened and a robust holistic curriculum is developed for teaching Functional English in Government schools.

Launch of the Training Program

Government school teachers begin attending our classes to observe our teaching and improve their own English.
Launch of our 2nd core program, the “Teacher Training program” to improve and strengthen teaching practices.
Initiate “Saathi sessions” as an integral part of the program to provide teachers with a peer network for learning and growth.


Beginning to Scale

In partnership with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), initiate expansion of the Training program to train and support all 10,000+ BMC teachers, over a period of 3 years. Pehlay Akshar App was launched.


Scaling Through Digital

Schools across the country closed for an entire academic year due to the pandemic – a significant threat to the continued learning for students. Re-structured our programs to be delivered over virtual and television based platforms. Launched #AStoryADay initiative, stories are recorded by volunteers and available on our social media platforms. Schooling programs In partnership with SCERT, Maharashtra launched Magic Classroom on Doordarshan.


Building A Learning Ecosystem

A collaborative space that provides functional English curriculum, digital aids, books, and skilled personnel to students and teachers in order to improve their English Literacy and 21st Century Skills.